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Roulette strategies
The roulette game is much different from other games you can play at online casinoer. If any fixed strategies can be followed for the casino games, no such strategies can be fixed for games of roulette. This game is entirely dependent on chance factors.

If you have the choice of selecting between American roulette and European roulette, it is advisable to avoid the American one. Especially if you are new at this game, you should surely go for European roulette as the chances of winning becomes prosperous than the American game. The European roulette is played with single zero whereas the American roulette table has double zero. A roulette wheel with double zero gives more advantages to a casino house and lessens the chances of winning for the players.

The En Prison strategy for roulette is applicable for even money outside bets. If a player chooses this strategy then his chances of losing money at a roulette table slightly decreases. If the ball lands on zero, the player will get a chance to retain his money till the next spin. The En Prison rule will be applicable if the ball again falls on the zero slots. If the player wins the next bet, he is eligible to claim back his money though no extra credit will be given.

Another safe strategy can be adopted while playing roulette. This is known as the surrender rule. By adopting this strategy a player can save half of his money if he loses a bet. If the roulette ball lands in the slots of 0 or 00 then the player can claim half of the previous bet.

One simple strategy of playing roulette is taking chances. But blind chances may lead a player to nowhere. It is necessary to be attentive and follow the gaming patters by other players. You can take a chance by calling those numbers where the ball has not dropped for a long time.

If particular strategies for winning games of roulette cannot be applied, a player can at least try to safeguard his winnings and cancel out his losses at the table. Striking balance in raising and lowering the stakes at a roulette table is also necessary.